Wedding preparation Timeline

If your engagement ring has you dreaming about light beaches and sunsets over the sea, now’s enough time to start out making some of those plans a reality. Book aircraft, reserve places to stay and research any excursions you want to do during your vacation.

Once you have locked in the date and venue, you can start tackling bigger wedding-related tasks like locating vendors to get your eyesight to life. Including the biggies: professional wedding photographers and videographers, caterers, band, cake makers and DJs/bands for your reception.

This is also the a chance to make sure you have the ability to your wedding attire ordered, which includes dresses/suits and shoes/accessories for yourself, groomsmen and any extra bridal party customers who will end up being attending (assume: bridesmaids-only after-parties and weekend brunches). Also, now is a good time to order virtually any signage, mementos or DO-IT-YOURSELF accents you could be using at your site.

Right now, most of the RSVPs should be in, so go ahead and offer the area and catering staff the final guest calculate. This can be an good opportunity to decide on any seating arrangements that want to get made or if you need to include a few extra people for the evening.

Also at this point, you should finalize your shot list with your photographer/videographer and make sure the DJ or perhaps band as well as musician includes all the sounds you need played by the ceremony, tropical drink hour and reception, as well as confirm virtually any first dances, toasts or perhaps readings. Don’t forget to publish thank-you note cards for any showering and/or early wedding gifts received and assemble any welcome hand bags you might be supplying out for your guests, if applicable.

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