Tux Machines The 6 Best Linux Distros for Network Engineers

As one of the most popular enterprise distributions, RHEL is a great option because it is robust and reinforced. If you are not ready to apply for this position, submit your resume here to join our talent community. Thank you for your interest in Linux Foundation training and certification.

No matter what your requirement, the diverse open source community has a distro for you. Some specific proprietary software products are not available in any form for Linux. As of September 2015, the Steam gaming service has 1,500 games linux network engineer available on Linux, compared to 2,323 games for Mac and 6,500 Windows games. A virtual machine can also be used to run a proprietary OS on top of Linux. Rolling Linux distributions are kept current using small and frequent updates.

Xiaomi OS:

Ubuntu is a Linux distro you don’t need to worry about finding help with. Pop OS is based on Ubuntu, so its applications and application repositories are version-locked. Because Pop OS is based on Ubuntu, it has access to the entire Ubuntu repository. We look at the installation process, assess ease of use, and explore the main components that have been used to compile the distro.

best linux distro for network engineers

NodeZero comes with over three hundred tools for penetration testing and security. It also comes with the THC IPV6 Attack Toolkit, which features tools such as live6, dnsdict6, and toobig6 for penetration and security testing. Unlike Kali Linux, NodeZero is more of a source code style, making it more difficult to work with if you are not an established user of Linux software. Gentoo’s Portage is a robust software distribution and package management tool for installing, searching, and querying over 19,000 software packages.

Puppy Linux

If you’re new to Linux and want a new OS for your personal computer, we’d recommend picking a well-known general-purpose distro that receives regular updates. A Linux distro, or distribution to use its full name, is an operating system built around the Linux kernel. Unlike Windows or Mac OS, a Linux operating system consists of many open-source components produced and managed by different organizations. EasyOS uses containers to create a secure, yet easy to use and manage distro.

If you are just taking your first steps in Linux, you should begin your journey with Nitrux. The distro leverages on some of the most stable and well-respected open source projects and builds on them to create a distro that suits the sensibilities of new Linux users. Another good option is Debian, which is also fairly easy to use and comes with a large number of high-quality networking applications. The CentOS Project is a community-driven free operating system that aims at delivering a robust and reliable open source ecosystem.

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